What services do we offer??
  1. Preventive check ups (for people insured in Austria – the cost of these check-ups are covered by the healthcare fund for the period of one year)
    Which examinations are done as a part of the preventive check-ups
    • Talk with the patient, precise assessment of the risk factors, precise physical examination. Blood test, urinalysis, faecal occult blood test. Additionally I do ECG with 12 leads for every patient.
  2. ECG with 12 leads
  3. Holter
  4. 24 hrs RR
  5. Exercise ECG
  6. Carotid arteries ultrasonography
  7. Determination of the fat mass and the body fluids mass
  8. Global Diagnostics/Vital field therapy
    Global Diagnostic this ist a device which measures all the body systems with electric impulses within 8 minutes and then denotes pathologies. The measurement is done by placing electrodes on the patient’s feet – it’s painless. The device conducts 200 million measurements in that time of 8 Min- immunological defects, allergies, food intolerances diagnostics etc. can be detected
  9. Intestines examination
    The health starts and ends in intestines – Microbiotas or so-called intestine bacteria have the most important role when it comes to many disease processes – that’s why precise intestines examination is decisive for choosing the right therapy for food intolerances, immunological defects and tumours. We propose adequate examinations for all patients and we are cooperating with highly specialist Austrian and German laboratories.