Bozena M. Cichozki MD biography

1972 High school certificate /Jaroslaw-Poland
1972-1978 Kraków Medical Academy, medical studies / Poland
1978 PhD thesis: Protective influence of thymus over the bone marrow stem cells of mice subjected to high doses of vincristine.
1978-1981 Internship and university research in the Kraków Medical Academy's Haematology Clinic; the main object of research was the bone marrow stem cells of mice.
1981-1990 Work in the Institute of Cancer Research, Medical University of Vienna; Experimental and Clinical Oncology Department; the main object of the research was the role of macrophages in the immune response for cancer.
1991 Jus Practicandi/ Austria
since 1991 as a physicist in the Mercy Hospital in Vienna
since 1995 additionally emergency medicine/Vienna emergency department
2004 internal diseases 2nd level specialist
2006 Private practice - general internal medicine with focus on the micro-immunotherapy as a special method for curing allergies, autoimmune diseases, tumours.